Description of Transport Services

Booking a Transport Service with “GTS”, means that a Driver will become the person who will greet and welcome you in Athens and will transfer you according your booking.

In particular, the transport services that you can book through, are the following:

Transport from and to airports, ports, train stations, bus stations.
Transport from and to place of residence.
Transport from and to sightseeings.
Transport from and to a point of interest in the city, including stop(s) over (for food, activity, photos, etc.).

Booking Policy

We do not operate our service in every city. To find out if we can serve you in your destination, you have to check with us, completing the contact form or calling us at +30 6937597872.

To book your transfer, you need to provide us with some information such as your personal details and contact points (email – mobile), the Pick Up place, date and time, your place of destination, flight number in case you arrive by plane so we can make arrangements in your favor in case there is a delay, the number of passengers and their pieces of luggage in order to arrange for the right vehicle to pick you up, and also your payment information. You have to accept our Terms of Use, should you wish to make a booking for your transfer with us.

When you place a transfer booking you will receive a confirmation email of your booking transfer. We will examine whether we can serve the Transfer or we have grounds to reject it, according to the provisions of the present General Terms of Use.

Important Legal Notice: Completion of the online booking process along with the confirmation email we send to you, does not constitute our acceptance of your offer to book a Transfer through us. Our acceptance of your offer to provide through our website with a Transfer, will take place only when We take payment from You (i.e. when Your card or PayPal account is credited). We reserve the right to decline a Booking Order for any reason, including legal and regulatory reasons. If we cannot provide You with the Transport Service, We will not process your order, We will inform you as soon as possible and, if you have already paid for the products we cannot deliver, refund you in full in a timely manner.

Cancellation Request Policy

You have the right to cancel a Transfer already booked through us, at any time by contacting the Company either by phone call at the phone number provided in the confirmation email or in the website or email sent to

If a cancellation request is received by us up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time, we will refund you in full in a timely manner.

If a cancellation request is received within less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time, it is considered as a last minute and non refundable cancellation, resulting in a 100% cancellation fee and NO refund.